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Media Release

Yesterday’s Children, by American Novelist Paul Bellerive Released on Web-e-Books®

A Patrimonial Louisiana Community Erupts over Civil Rights, Evolution, and War

PORTLAND, ME. USA – Yesterday’s Children, fiction by Paul Bellerive, is being released on Web-e-Books® in support of world-wide, cross-platform distribution of his novel on 1960’s culture and politics and the combined impact on small town youth in rural Louisiana. The Tri-Screen Connection, LLC, publisher and distributor of the exclusive e-book, is providing the technology platform and online shopping website for Yesterday’s Children.

In Yesterday’s Children, novelist Paul Bellerive rolls back the clock to 1960’s Leesburg, Louisiana. It is here, and in retrospective that an older man recounts his high school years after moving from Ohio to the Deep South. Through his remembrances, he acquaints us with a community shaped from the sullied clay of an honored Confederacy.

Notable for an adherence to old-fashioned conventions, Leesburg shunned outsiders, new ideas, impoliteness, racial integration, or any other challenge to its illiberal plantation-day heritage. Indeed, people there heeded the lineal nature of its autocratic past – led by an ancestral judge whose presence alone stirred awe and effected intimidation. Only the high-minded or enraged dared defy civil protocol. When they did, the unofficial arm of straight-laced citizen convincers meted out justice through beatings, lethal force, or by organizing denizen leagues to maintain decency.

Anchored and serene as Leesburg may have tried to appear – glorified by mossy cypress groves, cool swimming holes, kingly fields of cotton, and winning high school football team – an unwanted wave of national reforms and foreign affairs swamped the community’s uprightness, providing no life boat for its distressed youth.

Web-e-Books ® Availability

Yesterday’s Children is viewable in licensed Web-e-Books® format available from The Tri-Screen Connection and is compatible with virtually all Internet browser-capable desktop, laptop, tablet, e-reader, mobile smart phone, or similarly equipped device running Apple®, Windows®, Android®, and Linux operating systems.

Priced at US $4.95 – read on-line or offline, no download or installation required.

About The Tri-Screen Connection

The Tri-Screen Connection represents a launch pad for broad adoption of new-media communications services, including digital content and publishing. Our publishing strategy is to satisfy the market for exclusive contemporary and select classic literature of excellence that provides reflective insight to a wide range of human experiences.

Media Blurbs:

 “The young people I first encountered in Leesburg, the teenagers, seemed a bit less concerned about my origins and parentage than were their parents, but the fact that I was an outsider was never really forgotten.”

“There may have been stirrings of civil rights unrest in Leesburg prior to that hot morning in 1964, but none that I’d noticed in the year-and-a-half I had lived there.”

“The phalanx of policemen wading through the crowd launched a sudden attack, wildly swinging nightsticks, indiscriminately beating people. For a moment or two, the demonstrators seemed paralyzed, rooted to the ground like the great trees in the square, caught by surprise and defenseless against the savage clubbing.”