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Neil Killion is a global blogger and author who resides in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. He offers innovative thinking and explanations that while new to practically everyone, may be applied using his logic and findings. He presents his arguments in a straightforward way.

“I was absolutely thrilled to discover a new way of looking at my life. It doesn’t equate to a magic ball but it does explain a number of instances I can now see, just by looking back over my own life.”

Neil Killion, author of The Life Cycles Revolution, describes his theories as new and forward; collectively, something we may all use to better understand ourselves and implement in future years. A psychologist and management consultant, Killion pioneered one of the first outplacement practices in Sydney, Australia, where during nearly twenty years in the business he interviewed literally thousands of people from all walks of life before closing the office upon retirement at 55, and like many of his former clients, began a new career, in his case as an author.

“I have been actively engaged in this task ever since having come to understand it as my life’s mission. I realized that my own promotional efforts, concentrated as they were around my home city, were always going to fall short of my desire to introduce ‘Life Cycles’ to the world at large. It was my IT consultant who suggested I start a blog and set it up for me. Little did I realize that this concept would become a very special journey indeed! The opportunity to have rich dialogue with such a diverse range of people, from so many different countries, has been an inspiration. It was the early support I received from members of the blogging community, through their positive comments and ratings, that motivated me to not only continue, but to slowly construct the exact formula that my main blog ‘Life Cycles-The Truth and The Evidence’ is written to. I’m not sure, but I don’t think there are other blogs where every post has a symbolic purpose and the general sequence of posts is actually planned for years in advance.

Away from work, Neil Killion is a sports, fitness, and music enthusiast. He’s a life-long tennis player both competitively and socially, and loves to swim and run at Sydney’s famous Bondi Beach. He is a keyboard musician and awarded amateur composer of 80's style pop and special event music.