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Editor’s Notes

Pioneering theorist and investigator of the metaphysical, Neil Killion discloses a formula and associated documentation for charting and forecasting periods of significant personal advancement. Utilizing biographical evidence collected from notable figures, the author of The Life Cycles Revolution has established predictive patterns that transcend coincidence, fate, and luck as the origins of one’s fortune.

This is no spectacle-of-miracle, or fairyland abyss… this is the comprehensible world of The Life Cycles Revolution, where meaningful behavior and events are settled at calculated intervals, combining to produce career and personal landmarks.

Whether adolescent, young adult, midlife, or senior, The Life Cycles Revolution shows that from the age of twelve, a person’s productive development accelerates toward the next inevitable release of quantum achievement in set cycles.

Positioned as a bridge between cold science and metaphysics, The Life Cycles Revolution pioneers an original, measurable argument for personal determinism based on comparative biographies, recurring chronological events, cogent case building, and a usable, personal classification system made available to 21st Century consumers for successful life-charting.

Killion, a trained psychologist, professional occupational counselor, and contemporary blogger, engages his expressive and entertaining writing style to delight and arouse the novelty found in The Life Cycles Revolution. Utilizing biographies from the likes of Michelangelo, Albert Einstein, Frank Sinatra, and novelist, J.K. Rowling, among many, the author correlates their sequence-matching peak achievements, all happening with assured occurrence and predictability over each lifetime.

The Life Cycles Revolution offers important elucidation for those seeking greater personal wholeness and the ability to live simultaneously on two levels – accessing the past/present and near future at one time rather than accepting the passivity of sheer luck. The 'Life Cycles' theory is a brand new integrated body of knowledge with 44 new terms and icons; a method for which readers can become experts and use to analyze themselves and others to form research-based predictions. Convinced the evidence is so statistically superior, the author challenges the skeptics/rationalists to prove him wrong!

Neil Killion clearly understands the reliance on fatalism after twenty years as owner and professional counselor at one of the first outplacement career centers opened in the 1980s, and thousands of interviews with job seekers that led to formation of a composite profile. Aspirants repeatedly attributed their various circumstances to simple bad luck, accepting axioms like, “It was meant to be”, demonstrating widespread belief that fate alone determined personal destiny.

Dissatisfied, the author dug more deeply to unearth surprising evidence that great and predictable cyclical advancements may be realized as a result of a series of decisions cast at critical moments. The Life Cycles Revolution offers a modern, humanizing view to life cycle time slots and how they work, unseating the myth that your fate is sealed.