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The Life Cycles Revolution, by Author and Pioneering Inspirational Theorist, Neil Killion

Theory Correlates Twelve Year Recurrences of Extraordinary Personal Triumphs

Sydney, AustraliaThe Life Cycles Revolution, creative nonfiction by Neil Killion, is being released on Web-e-Books® in support of world-wide, cross-platform distribution for his latest pioneering book on predictive personal fulfillment. The Tri-Screen Connection, LLC, publisher and distributor of the exclusive e-book, is providing the technology platform and online shopping website for The Life Cycles Revolution.

The author and champion of this break-through developmental theory discloses a formula and associated documentation for charting and forecasting periods of significant personal advancement. Utilizing biographical evidence collected from notable figures, and upheld by nearly two decades of interviews with everyday people, the author of The Life Cycles Revolution has established predictive patterns that transcend coincidence, fate, and luck as the origins of one’s fortune.

This is no spectacle-of-miracle, or fairyland abyss… this is the comprehensible world of The Life Cycles Revolution, where meaningful behavior and events are settled at calculated intervals, combining to produce career and personal landmarks.

Whether adolescent, young adult, midlife, or senior, The Life Cycles Revolution shows that from the age of twelve, a person’s productive development accelerates toward the next inevitable release of quantum achievement in set cycles.

Positioned as a bridge between cold science and metaphysics, The Life Cycles Revolution pioneers an original, measurable argument for personal determinism based on comparative biographies, recurring chronological events, cogent case building, and a usable, personal classification system made available to 21st Century consumers for successful life-charting. Because destiny has a calendar and fate a timetable, 'Life Cycles' advances ten methods that may be used every day for guidance on romance, marriage, friendship as well as career and business. 

Killion, a trained psychologist, professional occupational counselor, and contemporary blogger, engages his expressive and entertaining writing style to delight and arouse the novelty found in The Life Cycles Revolution. Utilizing biographies from the likes of Michelangelo, Albert Einstein, Frank Sinatra, and novelist, J.K. Rowling, among many, the author correlates their sequence-matching peak achievements, all happening with assured occurrence and predictability over each lifetime.

The Life Cycles Revolution offers important elucidation for those seeking greater personal wholeness and the ability to live simultaneously on two levels – accessing the past/present and near future at one time rather than accepting the passivity of sheer luck.

Web-e-Books ® Availability

The Life Cycles Revolution is viewable in licensed Web-e-Books® format available from The Tri-Screen Connection and is compatible with virtually all Internet browser-capable desktop, laptop, tablet, e-reader, mobile smart phone, or similarly equipped device running Apple®, Windows®, Android®, and Linux operating systems.

Priced at US $6.95 – read on-line or offline, no download or installation required.

About The Tri-Screen Connection

The Tri-Screen Connection represents a launch pad for broad adoption of new-media communications services, including digital content and publishing. Our publishing strategy is to satisfy the market for literature of excellence that provides reflective insight to a wide range of human experiences.

Media Blurbs:

“Fate, chance, luck, fortune, kismet, serendipity, happenstance: call it what you will, we all desire its positive effects.”

“Just imagine if, in the chaotic world in which we live, there was a way to improve our knowledge and control.”

“The central premise of “Life Cycles” theory is that every twelve years we undergo a fundamental change—a revolution in our lives.”

“In spite of my (Neil Killion) modest origins, I want to change the way we all look at our lives. I want to start this revolution right here and now.”

Einstein (parodied): “Frankly, I was somewhat stunned by all of your correlations. Like Charles Darwin, I also find the alignment of ze dates one of the most interesting aspects of all. You see, we scientists are never so happy as when we discover zat things are almost exact.”

“May the cycles always bring you good fortune.”

“…the missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle called “The Meaning of Life”