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                                          Novelist E.J. Doyle dissects the terrifying consequences of drug-induced social behavior among a fellowship of slackers who blow-off the personal, social, professional, commercial, and political requisites of the American Dream. By peeling back the skin of society’s manufactured promise, Doyle demonstrates how the good life is easily derailed by scare tactics and fears used to breed conventionality; often producing a dismal story of personal tragedy for youthful free spirits who opt for something more.

Excoriating the Unicorn unpacks the emotions and antics of otherwise promising, talented young adults during their off-track adventures from Maine to Florida; and from experimentation to dangerous addiction. The narration courses the totality of their carefree times, fitful relationships, job troubles, swindling, ramshackle living and finally, hopeful attempts at self-managed expulsion of drug-related schizophrenic rituals. Here, the formula and measured effects of substance abuse are cast. E. J. Doyle’s literary delicacy repacks the certainty of experience with the joys and bleakness endured.