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The Life Cycles Revolution is not your characteristic handbook consulted in preparation for fomenting rebellious insurrections, guerilla activity, strikes, or mutinies, but does present similarly transformative notions for mapping the frequency and composition of lifetime events that together foretell stages of momentous change and personal advancement.

Imagine your lifetime in twelve year blocks; periods when a tangible metamorphosis of consciousness evolves in distinct stages. The Life Cycles Revolution postulates a linkage between intuition and the laws of nature expressed as a mathematical principle governed by synchronized time.

‘Life Cycles’ is not a belief system to be accepted on faith but on the basis of checkable, objective evidence. Attainment of new goals and greater personal wholeness appear understandably rational rather than arbitrary; defined by analyzing important events within a set timetable. Until now, such causation has been viewed at best as bewildering consequence.

In this award-winning book, author, psychologist, and outplacement professional, Neil Killion explains how we may use his straightforward method to chart our next major personal progression. To impress his hypothesis, Mr. Killion chronicles the uncannily matched, age-based sequence of quantum achievements by notable historic, scientific, and artistic figures. Because destiny has a calendar and fate a timetable, 'Life Cycles' advances ten methods to use every day for guidance on romance, marriage, friendship, career and business.