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OPEN - Pierre’s Journey after War is an intimate story of a man whose wife and children are killed during bombardments of France in WWII. Devastated and embittered, Pierre leaves everything behind and embarks on an odyssey to bury his past in the darkest recesses of his mind. The journey, which lasts more than forty years, involves a sequence of events and coincidences that ultimately provide him new direction and a sense of purpose.

Pierre feels at home in moving from place to place. When his mission in a specific village or town is accomplished, he wanders once again, observing and savouring whatever life offers. His activities are circumstantial and unpredictable. Intuitively, he remains on the move to reconcile his past while his future stands still.

He returns to France an old man. On a day on a walk past vineyards near his former home, Pierre is offered a lift by a couple whose absurd, whimsical presence vividly contrasts with whatever solemn tranquillity he’d found through his consequential journey and search for redemption. Pierre for the first time is inspired to speak of his past.

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