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Richard M. Baker, Jr. was born in Worcester, Massachusetts in 1924 and lived with his wife and five children in the suburbs of Portland, Maine until his death in 1978. After brief service in the Army Air Force in 1943, and graduation from Bowdoin College in 1946, he worked as a public accountant, and in 1957, gambled on a career as a writer.

A victim of severe multiple sclerosis, he devoted eleven years and two fingers to his Smith Corona typewriter, enlisted his wife and children when the progressively-debilitating disease warranted, and brought personal struggle, exhaustive research and powerful imagination to his writing.

Dick Baker grew up in a small, coastal Maine town, never strayed far from his roots, in turn rooted his family there, shared with them his love of the ocean and lakes, the changing seasons, sandlot baseball and the Boston Red Sox, batter-fried clams, and old and new friends.

A fine athlete and sportsman, accomplished jazz drummer, avid reader, and self-taught author, he was fully engaged and engaging throughout his 54 years. He accepted his disability with a sense of humor and purpose and passionate lack of self-pity exemplified by his belief that the one good thing to come of his diagnosis was the opportunity to write.