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Digital Content and Distribution Solutions that Transcend Short-term Trends
Web-e-Pub utilizes the best and most practical technology resources to develop and implement our digital publishing and distribution services. Our focus is on reaching billions of Internet users around the globe with useful, easily accessible services that do not require complex installation or intensive customer support. We rely on what end-users already know about web access and equipment. We meet them at that common denominator of know-how, while providing life-cycle management of the Web-e-Pub service offerings.

Unique strengths include:

- Web 2.0 end-user applications
- End-User/Customer management
- Software engineering
- Service enablers
- Applications management
- Global market presence
- Fixed, WiFi, or mobile (3G, 4G) broadband
- Account provisioning and activation
- On-line billing and clearinghouse integration
- Specialized data center hosting and server

We publish three title “Shelf” offerings:

Publisher-Shelf: copyrighted books, novellas, novelettes, and short stories offered at retail.
Community-Shelf: expired copyright books offered at an estimated distribution fee.
Sample-Shelf: author or publisher sample stories.