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Twenty-Nine Miles from Sheridan

A Strife-Filled Adventure Novel Based on Domestic Violence, by USA Author Rick Preti, Released on Web-e-Books®

Frustration and Assault lead to Self-Redemption by an Abusive Husband


Houston, Texas, USATwenty-Nine Miles from Sheridan is a first edition action and adventure novel by Rick Preti. The book is being released on Web-e-Books® in support of world-wide, cross-platform distribution of his fictional account of how an otherwise laudable man deals with the anticipated bias of domestic violence laws. The Tri-Screen Connection, LLC, publisher and distributor of the exclusive e-book, is providing the technology platform and online shopping website for Twenty-Nine Miles from Sheridan.

In the Story

Overcome by his wife’s outward frigidness, a frustrated husband unleashes his fists during a marital blowup. Injured and enraged, she demands he leave home at once. The flustered husband sets out for a time-out in the wilderness, where a restorative experience is disturbed by a series of punishing events that force him to take his medicine the hard way.

In Twenty-Nine Miles from Sheridan, the author establishes the potential for men to become victimized by the law’s presumed liability for domestic violence in a story of a husband and successful businessman’s entanglement in a criminal abuse investigation after he brutally reacts to his wife’s ongoing neglect.

In a twist of deception, Michael Agresta’s wife Marie is tugged by impulses from her provocative past to break loose while her sexy good looks still enable promiscuous intimacy with other men. Coldly excluded from his wife’s carnal self-indulgence, Agresta slugs her during an exasperated argument. Maddened beyond her husband’s attempts to make amends, Marie demands he leave home.

Intent on healing his physical and emotional wounds, Agresta packs his bags for a fishing and camping trip in the serene isolation of the backcountry.  He makes little progress before haphazardly jumping into a nasty bar fight, transporting an indictable hitchhiker across state lines, escaping a vicious stalker, side-stepping law enforcement, and attempting to survive increasingly insufferable odds.

Web-e-Books ® Availability

Twenty-Nine Miles from Sheridan is viewable in licensed Web-e-Books® format available exclusively from The Tri-Screen Connection and is compatible with virtually all Internet browser-capable desktop, laptop, tablet, e-reader, mobile smart phone, or similarly equipped devices running Apple®, Windows®, Android®, FIRE OS® and Linux operating systems. A paperback edition will also available from Web-e-Books® and includes electronic edition at no extra charge when ordering online from

Web-e-Books electronic edition priced at US $7.95 – read on-line or offline, no download or installation required. Coming paperback edition priced at: $19.95 plus shipping.

About The Tri-Screen Connection

The Tri-Screen Connection represents a launch pad for broad adoption of new-media communications services, including digital content and publishing. Our publishing strategy is to satisfy the market for exclusive contemporary and select classic literature of excellence that provide reflective insight to a wide range of human experiences.

Media Blurbs:

“The height and expanse of white painted walls before his listless eyes formed the impression of an approaching avalanche. He felt he’d be buried in seconds and unable to find an exit hole to worm his way out. Agresta’s mind froze in panic. His body shivered from the delusion of inescapable doom.”

“Yes, well here’s what I see in your demeanor, Michael. You clearly don’t trust me. There is some kind of a cover-up going on. My sense is, the thicker you lay it on the more effective you think you will be. Well, maybe you’re an expert communicator who knows how to bury his opponents, but beware, Michael, because I am, too.”

“In the end, Marie Agresta would be George’s prize to claim. His gut feel? She would not turn him down. Not with her insatiable sexual appetite and his masterful lovemaking, and not with the other men in her life long gone.”